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Spontaneous Review from Top Gaming Channel – “This ‘Tiny Computer’ is the FUTURE of Streaming PC’s”

Spontaneous Review from Top Gaming Channel – “This ‘Tiny Computer’ is the FUTURE of Streaming PC’s”

Recently, a video titled “This ‘Tiny Computer’ is the FUTURE of Streaming PC’s” popped up in our Facebook group and we surprisedly found that this was actually another YoloBox Pro video. Unconventionally, this is a spontaneous review from one of the biggest Twitch and YouTube Channel- Alpha Gaming. With over 610K subscribers, Harris Heller purchased YoloBox Pro himself, without any communication with us. In the video, Harris has spoken very highly of YoloBox Pro’s hardware versatility and how YoloLiv is leading the revolution in a new era of live streaming. We want to say Thank You to Harris for the review and encouraging comments on our product. Below are some quoted highlights from this very visionary video.

FYI: There is a minor issue about charging mentioned at the beginning of the video and it turns out to be a user error. To know more about how to charge the YoloBox Pro propertly, please read our FAQ blog. 


Is that better every once in a while a device comes around that kind of forces you to admit that the way we’ve always done things just might not be the best way to do them?

I used a device like that this week.  I was in the hospital this week for a couple of days for the birth of my little girl and I brought along with me this little tablet about the size of an iPad mini.  A fair bit thicker and it had a triple capture card built into it. Yes, you can plugin 3 full-size HDMI cameras and I did them all at the same time. 

3 Full-Size HDMI Inputs

I’ll show you later in the video and it’s got a bunch of other ports too. You can plug in a USB webcam directly into it. It’s got ethernet and a bunch of audio ports. Any io (input/output) you could need for a live stream, it’s just baked right in.  And then you connect to your account whether it’s YouTube or Twitch or a couple of other options and you just go live. 

I think if this company did a couple of things differently or if larger companies like Elgato or AVerMedia got a hold of this kind of movement. This is the future of streaming. 

The Future of Streaming

I think the biggest setback of this device is that the makers don’t think they realize how much of a game-changer this kind of device can be.

In my opinion, it becomes the world’s greatest IRL streaming device. This is a streaming backpack on steroids that you can hold in your hand. 

How good this looks compared to a standard IRL stream quality that you get out of a giant clunky expensive backpack? Right out of the gate, if all you wanted to know is how good you can be an IRL streamer with this, this is the device to buy if you want to start IRL streaming. 

Recording Quality From YoloBox Pro vs. the standard IRL package

Triple Camera Setup 

It’s not even close like check this out I have three high-end cameras plugged directly into this thing that I can switch back and forth between by tapping once on the screen. This will be my must-have travel streaming setup and what got me thinking so heavily is how much power we have in little devices in our pockets or things like the new iPad Pro that have the m1 beast of a chip built into and thunderbolt on the side. Why don’t we have more streaming setups like this?  Why is this not the norm? 

“Three high-end cameras plugged directly into YoloBox Pro”

How it Changes Future

We’ve grown so accustomed to building these massive and expensive gaming PCs. Whether it be small IRL peripherals for on-the-go streaming or larger higher frame rate peripherals for gaming and streaming at home.  Seriously, imagine with me for just a minute, you have a little device and connect a little dock to it that has one or two HDMI inputs for streaming on the go.  You can go to your friend’s place wherever you want to go and then when you get home, you disconnect it and set it onto a little dock that has maybe some extra inputs or some higher resolution and frame rate inputs like for 4k 144 hertz stuff. 

The entire streaming industry is incredibly saturated with 9 million people all doing the same thing: sitting in the same room at the same desk with the same camera and microphone,  not moving all doing the same thing for hours and hours a day as streaming has become so popular in the last couple of years. There’s become such an opportunity for streamers to branch out and become more flexible. Like YouTubers are in the early days, most people just made videos sitting in their home, but now you vlog so you go out into the world streaming’s going to do the same thing. Especially as video content creators start to see live streaming as good supplementary content to post alongside their videos, they’re going to start taking what they’ve learned from video content. To apply them to livestreaming, we’re going to need more flexible streaming devices. This could be a huge new ecosystem. 

“The Hardware Versatility & ‘Overpowered’ I/O”

Final Thoughts & Feature Requests 

The biggest feature missing on the fact that there is no support for browser sources so you can’t get any alerts or donations or subs or any of those things that are important for live streamers. That’s a bummer to me because they put a lot of really cool and high-end stuff such as built-in chroma keying,  PIP you can put an overlay on your stream here. Since they’ve just released YoloBox Pro earlier this year and they already have released a bunch of software updates, so I’d imagine that will come to this soon. This is a really powerful device and I don’t think you’re going to start seeing these things everywhere. 
I do think however it is proof of the concept of an entirely new era of streaming.

Good news: Web URL Overlay is now set as the top priority new feature in our next update. (ETA: Early Jan 2022)

High-End & Build-In Features

We would like to thank Alpha Gaming (Harris) for taking the time to review YoloBox Pro without any sponsorship. If you are interested in watching the whole YouTube review, you can visit Alpha Gaming Channel.

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