Warranty Policy

The YOLOLIV products are protected by a 1 Year Warranty against defects.

(You need pay return postage.The shipping cost of the monitor sent to you is paid by us). This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or damage caused by misuse. During the warranty period, man-made damage needs to pay related maintenance costs. For more than one year, or man-made damage, the corresponding maintenance fee shall be paid, depending on the specific degree of damage.

If you have a defective item or warranty question, please contact us. We will gladly facilitate your warranty claim.

What you need to provide to send email to after sales team?

When the you have any question about the products, you can provide video about the product problem, barcode at rear of the product, order number, store name you purchased, send to our after sales services team e-mail: contact@yololiv.com , so that we can better understand the situation you are encountering, fast to find a better solution for help you.

Pay attention to:

1. The warranty of our products is ONE year, if there is any defect with our products, please contact us in time, we will deal with it soon.

2. We don't accept returned goods besides product quality problems.

3. Please contact us in advance if you insist on returning the goods, we don’t accept returned goods without being informed in advance.

4. Please keep the whole package totally the same as the one you got if you decide to return the goods.And tell us tracking number after you send it out.

5. After we receive your returned goods,we need to evaluate the goods before returning the money. If it is a quality problem indeed that belongs to our responsibility, we will refund you in full to you.

But if it is without any quality problem or the problem doesn't belong to our responsibility, we will refuse to return any money to you. Please kindly let us know.