YoloBox Ultra

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  • Supporting Horizontal & Vertical Streaming
  • All-in-One 4K Live Broadcasting
  • Unlocking the Power of NDI and SRT
  • ISO Recordings
  • Versatile Streaming Hub with Powerful CPU
  • Enhance Your Stream with Built-In Features

Customer Reviews

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Jachin Patlur
Excellent 4K switcher!

This an excellent 4K switcher and encoder! If you have issues, joined Yololiv Facebook group and Frank and Josh and the community will give you advice to help you get everything working.

Sloan Pickett
Second yolo live streaming product I've bought! No regrets!

After conducting extensive research on the available options, I decided to take a chance on live streaming with this product. The results exceeded my expectations, and I was extremely satisfied with its performance. Subsequently, I joined their Facebook support group and discovered the opportunity to engage directly with the product's creators. They demonstrated a remarkable commitment to customer feedback by actively listening to suggestions and implementing them to enhance the product's functionality and user experience.

Recently, after two years of using the Pro version, I upgraded to the latest Ultra model. I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking a reliable and effective solution for live streaming. It has been instrumental in the growth of my business, enabling me to transform my YouTube channel into a successful pay-per-view platform. With the ability to connect up to four cameras with the Ultra version, this product offers exceptional versatility and scalability.

By investing in this product, you can be confident that you are making a sound decision that will contribute to the success and growth of your business.

I love this product!

No need for another streaming device. I use my YoloBox Ultra at least 5x a week and my clients love the results. From podcast to funerals I can have a full production from basically anywhere. I’m a very satisfied customer and you should be one too!!!!

Parameswaran Babu
Taking the live streaming experience to the next level!

The YoloBox ultra is a compact live streaming tablet-like equipment with 4 HDMI inputs, 2 USB A inputs, 1 USB-C input, another USB-C port for power, a LAN port, a headphone jack, a microphone in and a line-in.

Why I bought the device:
I do sports streaming and taking a powerful laptop, power station, docking station and a bunch of capture cards felt super uncomfortable transporting the items and setting up the whole framework felt like a nightmare and was time-consuming. It also requires a power supply to be provided wherever the stream is set up. YoloBox Ultra is a lightweight tablet that eliminates the need for a capture card and power supply by making it super-easy to set up a multi-camera live streaming wherever you want, very quickly. It offers 95% of the features that software like OBS provides. I carry a 40000 mAh power bank that can power the YoloBox Ultra beyond the 6-hour battery life that the device itself provides, with which, I have streamed games for up to 14 hours continuously without the need of a power supply.

Stability of the stream: The stream feels super-smooth and the interface is very user-friendly. We have the option to choose the encoding settings, bit rate and fps of the stream output along with the recording output. I have heard very positive feedback about our stream's viewing experience from multiple clients of ours till now.

Stand-out features: Network bonding, multi-camera replays, ISO recording, and so on are some of the standout features I have felt.

Drawbacks: I have felt some minor drawbacks like the lack of stinger transitions between video sources, lack of macro automation capabilities, limiting the number of local videos to only 5, lack of folder structure and so on. But these are minor drawbacks for such a portable device. Also, the YoloLiv team is super responsive towards their customers and when we report any problem or possible enhancement, they take our feedback seriously and deliver on it!

One major issue is the pricing. I live in India and the YoloLiv team isn't working on regional-specific pricing. I feel that the Ultra being sold for $1500 may feel affordable for someone from the USA. But here in India, it is hyper-expensive.

Overall verdict: Extremely satisfied. 10 out of 10!

Mak Chi Yuen Jeffrey
Product delivered

Product delivers in nice packing