Frank on YoloLiv’s Customer Obsession

Frank on YoloLiv’s Customer Obsession

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Greetings, fellow live-streaming enthusiasts! Today, we had the pleasure of diving into the world of YoloLiv with Frank Chu, the head honcho overseeing all activities at YoloLiv. Joining him were Emily and Esther, offering insights from the sales and product marketing perspectives. Without further ado, let’s delve into the exciting developments and strategic directions of YoloLiv.

Products Going On

Let’s dive right in, starting with our beloved YoloBox. It’s no secret that we’re passionate about YoloBox, and it’s a sentiment shared by users worldwide. Sold in over 200 countries, YoloBox stands out as the number one all-in-one solution in the pro video world. Unlike other products claiming to be all-in-one, YoloBox truly delivers, offering a self-contained live production system without the need for external equipment.

The YoloBox product line has expanded, introducing YoloBox Pro in July 2022 and YoloBox Mini in April 2022, catering to varying customer needs with different HDMI inputs and pricing options. This expansion reflects our commitment to providing solutions for customers of all levels.

But that’s not all. We’re thrilled to introduce YoloMax, our latest innovation targeting users looking to live stream to platforms like Instagram and TikTok. With vertical live streaming capabilities and multi-camera support, YoloMax opens up new possibilities for content creators in diverse verticals.

Reflecting on our journey, YoloLiv has experienced remarkable growth over the past three years, outpacing the market for 12 consecutive quarters. Our flagship model, YoloBox Pro, has become a best-seller, underscoring our market leadership in the live-streaming industry.

Three Strategic Directions

Looking ahead, we’re guided by three strategic directions. Firstly, we recognize the growing importance of video and live streaming as a means of communication. Our mission is to make professional-grade video accessible to everyone, empowering individuals and businesses to connect with their audiences effortlessly.

Secondly, we’re witnessing a shift in consumer demographics, with an increasing number of users from new verticals like creators, live gamers, and live sellers. This trend underscores the need for versatile and user-friendly solutions that cater to diverse needs.

Lastly, we remain committed to customer obsession, ensuring that every product we create delivers an exceptional user experience. Whether it’s enhancing existing products or developing new ones, customer feedback remains at the core of our innovation process.

From YoloBox to YoloCast

Amidst the growing popularity of YoloBox, we’ve observed a surge in demand for a comprehensive cloud platform that can elevate the live streaming experience. Introducing YoloCast, our very own cloud solution designed to revolutionize how our customer’s host, monetize, and broadcast their content.

By combining simplicity, reliability, and scalability, YoloCast represents the next evolution in cloud platforms for live streaming. It seamlessly integrates with our hardware and software offerings, creating a cohesive ecosystem that empowers content creators at every stage of their workflow.

Customer Obsession

At YoloLiv, our unwavering commitment to customer obsession drives our relentless pursuit of product innovation. We prioritize the customer experience above all else, striving to exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled value. This customer-centric approach sets us apart from the competition and fuels our continuous evolution in the live streaming industry.


2022 has promised to be a transformative year for YoloLiv. With groundbreaking products like YoloMax and our cloud platform YoloCast, we’re shaping the future of live video and empowering users worldwide to create engaging content.

That wraps up our latest blog post. Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to sharing more insights with you soon. Keep streaming, keep innovating, and remember – with YoloLiv, the possibilities are endless!

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