What’s New on YoloBox Ultra 2.2.0 – Replay & Overlay Optimizations, Bug Fixed And More

What’s New on YoloBox Ultra 2.2.0 – Replay & Overlay Optimizations, Bug Fixed And More

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The latest update for YoloBox Ultra, v2.2.0, has arrived. It’s packed with essential new features, significant optimizations, and critical bug fixes that enhance your live streaming experience. Whether you’re a professional streamer or a content creator, these updates are designed to provide smoother operations and more creative flexibility. Let’s dive into the details.

Multicam Replay Optimization

One standout feature in this update is the flexibility in selecting replay frame rates. Now, you have the option to align the replay frame rates with your live, choosing either 25 or 50 fps. This is crucial for maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout your streaming, especially in PAL regions.

Overlay Optimizations

  • Supports web URL overlay with audio

The Web URL overlay now supports audio. It’s useful for gaming streamers or those using platforms like StreamElements. This integration enables a richer, more interactive streaming experience by incorporating sound from external sources seamlessly.

  • Smoother scrolling text overlays

We’ve updated our scrolling text overlays to provide a smoother, more fluid experience. With this update, we’ve refined the motion algorithms to ensure that text flows seamlessly across the screen.

  • Drag function in the Overlays section

The new draggable overlay menu is here to help. With this feature, you can easily prioritize your overlays by dragging the ones you use most frequently to the front. This customization allows for quicker access, especially when timing is crucial.

  • Auto-hide feature for Comments

Easy for you to manage the comments! Maintain a clean visual layout with auto-hide comments.

Video Source Optimizations

  • Add up to 5 local video sources simultaneously

Now you can add up to 5 pre-recorded videos at once!

  • Local Video Pause

Gain more control over your video content. This feature is crucial for streamers who need to discuss or highlight specific video content during live streams, enhancing viewer engagement and interaction.

  • Fixed audio issues with NDI Out

Audio stability and clarity through NDI Out have been significantly improved, catering to the needs of users in networked video environments.

  • Fixed green screen issues with USB-C output to Zoom

We’ve fixed the green screen issues encountered when using the USB-C output for Zoom, enhancing the quality of virtual meetings and presentations.

  • Fixed the audio-video out-of-sync issue

Responding to user feedback, we’ve addressed the synchronization issues between audio and video, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

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