Top 10 Questions about YoloBox Ultra

Top 10 Questions about YoloBox Ultra

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1. Can I stream to horizontal and vertical platforms at the same time?

No, YoloBox Ultra offers three modes: Streaming Mode, Vertical Mode, and Monitor Mode. In Streaming Mode, you can stream to horizontal platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or any other RTMP/SRT destinations. In Vertical Mode, you can stream to vertical platforms like Instagram and TikTok. However, simultaneous streaming to horizontal and vertical platforms is not supported.

2. How to Use ISO Recording?

Navigate to the Recording tab on Ultra, and choose the desired resolution and frame rate combinations for ISO recording:

  • 1080p30: 4*HDMI Input + 1*Program (Up to 5) 
  • 1080p60: 3*HDMI Input + 0*Program (Up to 3)
  • 1080p60: 2*HDMI Input + 1*Program (Up to 3)
  • 4K30*1 input + 1080p30* 3 inputs (Up to 4)
  • 4K30*1 input + 1080p60* 1 input (Up to 2)

ISO recording is limited to HDMI sources, which means, other video sources are not supported for ISO Recording. You can record 5 video sources, including 1 Program video and 4 HDMI sources. Please note that the ISO recordings won’t include any text or image overlays added on YoloBox Ultra. For a step-by-step guide, please visit:

3. What does H.265 support?

H.265 supports RTMP streaming (YouTube has been tested and is working, but Facebook and Twitch are not supported due to platform limitations), SRT streaming, and recording. Currently, NDI is not supported for H.265.

4. Does YoloBox Ultra support 4K streaming and recording?

Yes, YoloBox Ultra supports up to 4K streaming and recording with “Single-Platform Streaming” mode. If using “YoloLiv’s Multi-streaming Service”, the maximum resolution supported will be 1080P. And HDMI OUT doesn’t support 4K, instead 1080P60fps.

5. How many sources can I add to YoloBox Ultra?

You can now add 7 physical inputs including 4 HDMI, 2 USB-A, and 1 USB-C port. In addition to these inputs, you can incorporate 2 local videos, 1 image source (maximum 10 images), 1 PDF, and 3 IP sources including 1 NDI, 1 SRT, and 1 RTMP source. This allows for a total of 14 video sources to be utilized. Furthermore, YoloBox Ultra provides the flexibility to customize your display with various multiview options, such as PIP (Picture-in-Picture), Side-by-side, Split View, News Layout, 2 Views, and 3 Views.

While there are no strict upper limits on the number of sources you can add, we recommend keeping the total below 10 to avoid excessive CPU load. This ensures optimal performance and smooth operation of the YoloBox Ultra.


6. Why does the NDI video stop after being connected for a while on YoloBox Ultra?

NDI is a paid feature. The free version of NDI offers a trial period of 5 minutes, after which a purchase is required for unlimited use. To activate the full version, please refer to this blog, or directly contact us at

7. Can I mix USB audio, both Line In and Mic In audio on YoloBox Ultra?

Yes! You can now mix all audio channels connected to YoloBox Ultra, and they are set to OFF by default except the Line In and Mic In.

8. How can I switch keyboard language on YoloBox Ultra?

The option to switch language on Ultra has been relocated under “Account” > “Language Setting”.

9. Why can’t my YoloBox Ultra be charged or is it charging slowly?

We recommend using a charger with a power rating of 45W and above for charging your YoloBox Ultra.

10. How to upgrade to the latest version of YoloBox Ultra?

Make sure you’ve successfully signed in on YoloBox Ultra. Tap on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Upgrade” in the “Version” section. To verify if you have successfully upgraded to the latest version, go to the “About Device” section and check for the version information.

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